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DWJ offers a range of innovative business solutions to help solve your complex industry challenges. Whether you are seeking out our diverse business marketing solutions and business drivers, or wanting to learn about the industries that use our technology products and services. DWJ, Inc. has a solution for you!

Proven Solutions and Consulting Expertise

Today's IT needs to support business operations while chalking out a responsible migration path to new initiatives that are actually new business imperatives - to be more virtualized, more mobile, more secure, and more social.

With DWJ's Technology Consulting as your partner, you get access to balanced and objective advisory services, and more importantly, you have access to proven solutions and consulting help to work on the details of the transformation.

Marketing Solutions has a proven approach to accelerate the growth of your business.

The landscape has changed and traditional marketing is rarely cost-effective. Without understanding the underlying motives that drive consumer behavior, it is nearly impossible to effectively distinguish your brand or offer from those competing in your space.

As a full-service agency, Marketing Solutions develops and implements research-based growth strategies that help small to midsize businesses accelerate revenue generation.

  • Catering to your Information Technology needs is a service that DWJ knows best. Our consultants are knowledgeable of the latest technologies that could fit our customers needs.
  • Marketing your companies services can be a hassle. DWJ provides our customers with creative approaches to get their business known.
  • Service and Support is what our companies reputation rides on. We guarantee our services.
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Our Services

• A+ Certification Training Courses
• Home/Business Networking & Security
• Hardware /Software Installation
• Hardware/Software Repairs & Troubleshooting
• Website/Application Design & Development
• Search Engine Optimization
• Server Migrations
• Remote Support
• Data Recovery
• Computer Equipment Resale’s
• Professional Resume Writing Services


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